Centre for Music Boris Christoff

The Centre for Music Boris Christoff was established on 21 May 2003. It is a state institute by the Ministry of Culture. Since 6 February 2004 there have been regular performances there. The emphasis in the program is on Boris Christoff’s artistic preferences, his respect for his colleagues and his commitment to the young talented people. The aim is to keep the master’s respect for other masters of art, to go beyond the pure museum-like atmosphere and actually to show respect to the memory of Boris Christoff, as well as to continue the traditions of his great art. The exposition consists of authentic costumes that Boris Christoff wore on stage, letters, pictures and objects from different stages of his career. 
Books, scores, records and video tapes are available in the library.

The program involves: 
- masters of Bulgarian and foreign art and their disciples;
- masterpieces of art s as well as new tendencies in different genres;
- classical masterpieces and premieres;

The Centre organizes: 
- solo and chamber recitals;
- master classes in different musical genres;
- dance-theatre; 
- courses “Art and Dance”;
- exhibitions – paintings, sculptures, plastic arts, photography;
- literary evenings;
- video performances;
- lectures; 
- children performances and concerts;
- outdoor celebrations;
- seminars and conferences;
- premieres of records, books and the like;
- recording studio;
- photo sessions;
- PR campaign;

The Centre has:
- a cozy hall with magnificent acoustics, grand piano “Bosendorfer”, multi-media device, 50 seats that can be arranged in different ways;
- 4 rooms that accommodate the museum exposition; 
- a chamber hall for auditions and rehearsals;
- an art gallery;
- a sound cabin;
- a large garden;
- parking lots 20 m away from the premises;

Elena Dragostinova - Director