Museum Boris Christoff

In the heart of Sofia, secluded in an old living area, is the house that for a lot of people is “Boris Christoff’s“ birth place. It is not a far-fetched statement despite the fact that the singer was born in Plovdiv. When putting up the house, Rayna and Kiril Christoff incarnated their conception of beauty and home, where every member of the family could rejoice their own personal space and at the same time be part of the common place. In the living room there was room for everybody. Now, when the doors stay open, it is as if the rooms communicate with each other. The house incarnates the coziness and the grandeur of the great artist. It still keeps the warmth and charm of the years gone by when the neighbourhood children came there to enjoy the music evenings.

From this house, in 1942 Boris Christoff headed for his opera dream. On 18 May, his birthday, he set for Italy. There he would have classes with Ricardo Stracciari, be a captive during World War II, live a poor life full of perils and fights. Only that it was not a fight to survive but to achieve his artistic aims. And there occurred his first steps on stage and one fateful encounter. Franca de Rensis was the woman who supported Boris Christoff throughout his long artistic way. With her help and approval he turned their Roman villa on Madonna di Campilio St. into and academy – a centre for artistic refinement of young talents.

He had the same will when he bestowed the house on 43, Tsar Samuil St. in Sofia. It was determined that the house will be the home of a collection of relics related with Boris Christoff and at the same time it will be a place where culture and art will abide.

Elena Dragostinova

Director, Museum Boris Christoff